Tip Me Over

This project stretched my abilities as I created this short animated GIF. I had to learn how to make my design look nice, but also organize it in a way that I could move it from Adobe Illustrator to Adobe After Effects.

This GIF is designed just to be the teapot and the burner, but to make it easier to see for this project; I added the light blue background.

As soon as I settled on the idea of using a teapot, I had a basic idea of what I wanted to do. As you can see from my sketches, I considered doing a taller pot, but I liked the idea of the round Mrs. Potts-esque teapot. Then I could make it stretch upwards, and initially, I even had it bending backward.

As I mentioned in my introduction, this was a lot different than the other designs that I’ve created in Illustrator. That is because I had to design everything with movement in mind. For example, Even though the steam would be appearing and disappearing, I had to design everything in view first. The following screenshot is the Illustrator file that I moved over. I also had to account for things like the back of the teapot. The lid rattles back and forth, and so I need design the inside of the pot to show. That is something I wouldn’t have to consider in a stationary design.

This is what my After Effects project looked like. Here I was able to toy with the opacity and size of everything. I learned how to change the colors of my objects, and I feel that is the primary aspect that made the design work well. I had to create different levels of compositions so that I could control them independently of one another. Working out the timing was the trickiest thing of the whole process. I had to figure out how to have my steam appear at the right times, but not too soon before the lid moved again.

After everything, I am proud of the GIF that I created, and I feel that it is cartoony enough to be amusing, but real enough to be understood. Below is the link to the final product.


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