You’ve Got Mayo

Have you ever made up a really corny joke that you’re super proud of and nobody understands your genius? That’s what this design is about.

When I was in sixth grade, I made a joke. It went:

“What did the computer say to the sandwich?”

“You’ve Got Mayo!”

I was so proud of my joke. Nobody would laugh at it though. To be fair, my joke was outdated before I ever created it. (For those too young to understand this, AOL had an email service that said, “You’ve got mail!” when you got an email.) Whenever someone in a meeting asks if anyone has a joke though, it shows back up.


I actually sketched the design just for fun and planned to make it a shirt or something one day, but then I had a project for a class where we needed to design some stickers. Thus motivated, I pulled out this design and made it.

I played between having a hoagie or a white bread sandwich, but I personally like hoagies, and it was easier to create in perspective, so I went with the hoagie. I did want to have a mayo jar on the screen, but it didn’t work out that way.


Creating the design in Adobe Illustrator was simple. I used an older model of a computer to fit the joke. Then I tried making my own lettering using rectangles, then my professor reminded me of the miracle of free fonts. So I found a free computer font and used that instead.

I’m a fan of turkey sandwiches, so I designated that as my sandwich. I filled it up with tomatoes and lettuce and mayo of course. I added one of those sandwich toppers on top to boot.

I added depth to the computer and a reflection on the screen.

The final product is below, it is available for sale on my online stores. Wear it for your own nerdy humor.

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