Selected Poetry

I enjoy poetry, and I’ve written some myself. Here are some of the poems I’ve written.

Words of Life

Everyday toils and tiring strife

Have left mind and body sore

But as I read the words of life

I’m prepared to take on more


Divine Light

I used to fear the darkness

And the dangers it would hide.

The fearsome noises all around

Would leave me dark inside.


But since I have found my Savior

Though the sun sinks out of sight.

I no longer fear creatures of the dark

For inside me is a light.


The Heavenly Crown

If you only can see those “on top of the world”

Don’t let it get you down

While they seek for earthly pedestals

You’re seeking a heavenly crown


If you feel your goals are getting scoffed

By those who don’t believe them

That doesn’t change the opinion of One

Who wants you to achieve them


You may feel overcome by one below

Who is striving for your injury

But he has no real lasting  power

As you obtain your victory


So dust yourself off, get back up,

When you have fallen down

You have eternity cheering you on

As you strive for your heavenly crown

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