Won’t You Come Out Tonight?

I, like most people, get songs stuck in my head. Sometimes, though, it leads to me thinking up of designs.

I got the song “Buffalo Bills Won’t You Come Out Tonight?” stuck in my head, and when I get a song stuck in my head, it is all that I think about. As I was dwelling on this one, I had the thought about the Bullet Bill enemy from the Super Mario series. Then I saw in my mind a “Buffalo Bill” as a mash-up between the enemy and an actual buffalo.


I didn’t create many sketches in my notebook for this idea because it is fairly basic. After looking at pictures of buffalo, I figured out how I wanted the head to look, and the rest was just a recreation of a Bullet Bill.


I then took my sketch into¬†Adobe Illustrator and essentially traced my drawing. After some tweaking, it was finished. This design wasn’t a long process, but I think that it is one of my favorites to date because of its simplicity. I also enjoyed labeling it like it was a scientific journal.

The finished design is on my storefronts. All of which can be accessed here.

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