Portal Sticker Set

I made a sticker set using Adobe Illustrator that contains twelve designs of characters from the games Portal and Portal 2.

I made this as a personal project just for fun, and I had a lot of fun. I especially enjoyed creating the Robots in the middle.

Here’s how they turned out.

An Orange Portal
A Blue Portal
The Portal Gun that is used to shoot and connect portals. This is one of the ones that I’m most proud of because of how good it turned out.
The logo for Aperture Science. This logo is featured on several of the robots.
GladOS, the main villain of the first Portal, and for most of Portal 2.
Wheatley. Wheatley helps you through most of Portal 2 and is the comedy relief for most of the game. I think that this sticker is my favorite from the set.
PotatOS. GladOS finds herself stuck inside of a potato for a portion of Portal 2.
A turret enemy that shoots bullets at you during both games.


The companion cube. It is your companion at points of the games to help you solve puzzles. It is also the subject of many memes and merchandise.


One of the doors from the game. I created this a while back, but I touched it up with highlights and shadows when I added it to this set.
P-Body, a robot designed to solve tests. Partners with Atlas.
Atlas, a robot designed to solve tests. Partners with P-Body.


As I said, I thoroughly enjoyed creating these stickers, and the project taught me about creating a large set of designs that were cohesive. It also helped me understand using gradients simply.

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