Making My Scape

I was able to go visit my parents this last weekend and I took some pictures while I was there. Here are some of the shots that I got.

My parents live in Fremont County in Idaho, and they are surrounded by fields. I thought that it would be a nice place to get some landscape pictures. They have a pond that rises and falls with the water table, and there is a tree that sits on the edge of the pond. I decided to make that my subject for this shoot. I was also able to include some curious cows and my parents’ cat Osmond. This really taught me to take time to consider my compositions to use what opportunities I have.

Individual Shots

Here are the shots individually.

An image from inside the dry pond looking up at the tree
From the bottom of the pond. There’s not much water right now, but lots of mud
Osmond peering at the cows
Close to the ground
I liked how it felt like all of the shadows seemed to be creeping toward the tree in this composition
I like sun flares a lot, and the tree was very helpful to get one
Probably my favorite of the bunch. Osmond likes getting her picture taken
A little closer to the cows, I thought that the image was balanced out nicely

Texture Overlay

This last image was fairly basic, but I overlayed a texture of a leaf that I got from Then I masked it out from the ground so it would only appear in the sky. The original image of the leaf is below.


4 thoughts on “Making My Scape

  1. I so love your sun picture! It is amazing. I tried myself and I am still trying to get it right. Great composition overall in your perspective and angles. Brillant idea with the leave and adding it to the sky, I love that. I encourage you to see some examples of mine:
    as well and leave a comment and to also visit Shane Murphey blog:


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