Getting Creative in a Ghost Town

Recently, I went to the Bannack Ghost Town with my Digital Imaging class. As part of this, we were required to get a few different pictures. Here’s what I got.


The first image I have is the levitation image. I took it by having my subject lay on a chair, and then after having her move, I took a picture of the background. Then by masking the images in Photoshop I was able to remove the chair because the two layered images were otherwise the same.

Here is the final image with the two images I combined underneath


This is a fun exercise to create interesting (and usually impossible) images.


Next was the ghost image. The key for this image is to have the shutter open for a long time and to have your subject move partway through the timer. As the camera registers both before and after the movement, it blends to make a ghostly effect.


We needed to have an abstract picture, and I did this by taking a picture inside the Masonic temple in the top of the schoolhouse and blended a wooden texture I made by taking a picture of a wall with a speedlight. The key for this was just to have a different view on something and to make it interesting.


We also needed to have a commercial image, meaning a picture that we could add text and a logo to create an advertisement. I used my wedding ring for this picture, and I laid it on a piece of scrap metal I found. The bokeh in the background helps to make the ring the clear subject of the image.


The last image that I needed to catch for this project was a conceptual image. The image needed to tell a story. I was in the main hotel in town, and I took off my boots for this shot. My mindset is that these boots have been taken off after a long day of work. I’m interested what story ideas that you have when you see this image.

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