Finding Fine Art in Bannack

Here are some of the pictures I got at Bannack Ghost Town. I love landscape photos, and these were probably my favorite of the day.

Some of these had to do with my other posts, but these were some of my favorites and are new perspectives in each different area. By using Photoshop and Lightroom, I was able to enhance the images further.

A little cabin in Bannack. I loved the solitude that is captured in the image.
This is in the Masonic temple in the top of the schoolhouse. I featured the other ball in the background in another photo, but I loved the stars on this one.
I love getting sun flares whenever I can. This one really accentuates the image and helps brighten the picture.
I loved this truck because it had so much character. I liked this image even before adding touches to it. The red of the rust contrasts very nicely with the sky and background.
This wheelbarrow was ideally placed for this image. It gives a subject for the picture, so there isn’t too much yellow in the foreground.

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