Seeing Faces in Bannack Ghost Town

I had the recent opportunity to take quite a few portraits during my time at Bannack Ghost Town. Here are some of my favorites.

This is Kathy, we a flash to capture this image. The funny thing is that this was in between shots she was doing for someone else, and she looked at me in between and we were able to capture this picture. We used an Einstein Strobe with an octabox and dish.
This is Craig and Analee. We captured this image using an Einstein Strobe with a beauty dish. I liked how the flash softened their features.
This is Kathy with her husband Rick. I actually didn’t have the flash when I took this picture, but by grayscaling the image I was able to save this sweet moment that they had together.
This was taken with the window light, and I liked how it created shadows to add to the drama of the photo.
This is Kayla who gave me some tips throughout the day. If you have seen my post about creative photos taken at Bannack you will recognize her as my ghost.
This is Cami. We used a SQIBB auxiliary light for this image so that although it was actually light outside we created this great dark background.
This is Erica who posed as our school teacher. This was my favorite shot I got of her. The light worked very nicely on her face and the chalkboards.

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