Top Five Images of Digital Imaging

This semester in COMM 300 (Digital Imaging) has dramatically improved my ability to use a camera and has increased my knowledge of how to create an exciting composition for pictures. I’ve taken a lot of pictures, but I’m putting up my favorite five pictures here.

Taking this picture of my in-laws’ dog, Tucker, really taught me about freezing motion. Tucker runs really fast, and I had to learn to position myself and prepare for a picture. I took the picture with the help of my wife who would throw Tucker’s ball in the same place every time so he would follow the same path back. Even with the preparation, it was several times before I got good shots of him. I had to learn to be patient to get what I wanted.

This image of my boots taught me to seize pictures when you happen upon them. This was part of my class’ excursion to Bannack Ghost Town. I walked into the room and saw the light from the window. I immediately took off my boots and positioned the picture in my socks. I had been in the place a few times during the day, but when I went in that time, the lighting was right. This picture also taught me about good editing. The wear and seams on my boots weren’t apparent until I sharpened them in post-production. That made the image much more interesting.

Model: Kiley Lee

This was my favorite of all of the portraits I took this semester. It was with auxiliary lighting and taught me about posing models in my composition. It also taught me about subtlety in post-production editing. It was easy to bring up the highlights too much or lower the shadows too low. The increase in saturation also added interest to her hair, but too much would turn her skin orange. Using subtle balancing makes the image interesting, but not gaudy.

This image taught me about considering the potential of objects. This rusty truck didn’t really look good in the glaring sunlight that I found it in. But I liked the composition, so I took the picture, and I am pleased how it turned out. I also learned more about using contrast in my piece by emphasizing the red of the truck to the yellow and blue of the background.

This was my favorite macro shot that I took this semester. For one thing, it taught me about the power of editing. The original image was extremely orange and warm. I liked the composition, and by changing the white balance in post-production, I was able to have a cold, winteresque setting for my picture. I love this also because of the story it tells. The community theater I participate with is doing Disney’s Beauty and the Beast for their next summer play, and I had that in mind while I was looking at this image.


Those were my top five images from this semester, which one was your favorite?

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