Teaching Men to Illustrate: My Vision

Have you ever seen clip art or other things online and thought, “I wish I could do that?” You have access to Adobe Illustrator, but you can’t do anything with it? I’m here to help you.

My name is Seth Daybell, and I’ve been using Adobe Illustrator for over two years, and I also have been a tutor teaching others to use Illustrator and other Adobe products for the same amount of time. I have learned over the years that many beginners have similar questions that, if answered, would make the rest of their learning a lot easier.

I’ve seen a lot of tutorials in my time using Illustrator, and one problem I run into is that the person teaching the tutorial is taking for granted that the person watching might not have any idea how to use the tools inside of Illustrator. They seem to have the mindset of giving a man a fish rather than teaching them how to fish.

My goal is to help make tutorials easier for everyone. I want to help you be able to understand the tools in Illustrator so you don’t get lost down the road. I’m not claiming to be the best or most knowledgable at using this program, but I do believe that I can teach it simple enough that you can learn to use it for your own projects.

In the video above, I only used a few of the basic tools in the program to create a decent heart icon in less than 5 minutes. I can use this icon wherever I want because I created it. I mostly used the selection tool (the black arrow,) the direct selection tool (the white arrow,) as well as the anchor point tool, shape builder tool, and reflect tool.

In upcoming posts, I am going to go in depth about each of these tools as well as others so you can learn for yourself some of the tricks involved and bring your own ideas to life.

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