Illustrator Basics: Shape Tools

If you are going to be using Illustrator, the shape tools are fundamental to your success. Here are some tips about them to help you succeed.

There are five shape tools that you really need to know. The rectangle, The ellipse (circles), rounded rectangle, polygon, and star.

A tip to using these is utilizing the shift and alt buttons. Holding the shift key makes perfect circles and squares while you are dragging them. Holding the Alt key makes it so you can drag from the center of the shape rather than the corner. If you hold both shift and alt, you can do both at once!

When using the Polygon and Star tools, press the up and down arrows on your keyboard to add sides and points while you are creating them.

Move any of these shapes by holding down the spacebar while you move around. To continue resizing, let go of the spacebar.

If you have any question! Tweet me @nightgong, or comment below!

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