Illustrator Basics: Shape Builder Tool

In this blog post, we are talking about my favorite tool in all of the Adobe products: The shape builder tool. Let’s check it out, and you’ll see why.

*Remember! When I say “control,” on a Mac, use “command.” When I say “alt,” on a Mac, use option.*

When using the shape builder tool (hotkey is shift+m,) it is essential to remember to select everything that you are going to use it for. Unselected objects are unaffected by the shape builder tool.

The shape builder tool can affect any place where shapes are overlapping. It defaults to combining shapes, but if you want to subtract from the selection, you need to hold down alt/option.

You can also create a shape from any negative space trapped between shapes or combine the negative space into the rest of the objects.

By using the shape builder tool, you can create practically any shape you want!

If you have any questions, leave a comment below, and I’d love to answer anything I can!

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