Learning How to Focus

This time around I focused on adjusting the aperture of my camera. By using a wide aperture, which uses a small f-stop (like f/3.5), you can create bokeh, or background blur, to the images. Then I contrasted those images with photographs that used a small aperture which has a high f-stop (like f/22) to keep all of the images clear from the front to the back.

With that being said, let’s review how my time taking these images went.

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You Know What TheyTalk

I’m part of the creative team for the iTalk group on Brigham Young University-Idaho. The group has three major events. One is a symposium called WeTalk, a debate-style event called TheyTalk, and a Ted-Style event called iTalk.

For the TheyTalk event coming up, the topic was about whether the Boy Scouts of America should allow girls into their programs. My creative team was assigned to make a poster for the event. 

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