Entering Photography Contests

I’ve recently entered a photo contest, and I’m going to tell you about it and how you could enter as well!

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Getting Up Close and Personal

This last week I got to experiment with macro photography. Basically being said, I get a special lens filter for my camera that helped me get extremely close shots of flowers and other objects. Here’s how they ended up!

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Learning How to Focus

This time around I focused on adjusting the aperture of my camera. By using a wide aperture, which uses a small f-stop (like f/3.5), you can create bokeh, or background blur, to the images. Then I contrasted those images with photographs that used a small aperture which has a high f-stop (like f/22) to keep all of the images clear from the front to the back.

With that being said, let’s review how my time taking these images went.

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